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Conception ergonomique. Offre des mouvements fluides et précis pendant les jeux. Six boutons et roulette. Résolution 2000dpi. Connexion USB Brancher et Jouer. Couleurs: rouge, gris, bleu foncé.

2 avis pour SOURIS OPTIQUE DE JEU CM-3788

  1. Jason Marsh

    id love to review this if i could find the driver software to make it work in windows 10. could you help?

    • Jean-Wisly CHARLES

      The mouse is plug & play. No software required.

  2. Jason Marsh

    the mouse may be plug and play but there are a couple of extra buttons on it that i would love to use as well. Having random things happen in programs when i hit them by accident is a little like Russian roulette sometimes, eh? if there was some software or driver that would make them mappable that would be great. Because… actually… for the price this is actually a pretty good mouse. Come to think of it it has outlived mice I have had that were 6 or seven times the price… so if your looking for a nice light mouse (this is why its still alive – when you catch the cord with your foot it doesnt whip around with the force of a sling from biblical times, it doesn’t hit the anything with as much force as a microsoft mouse will.

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